What If I’m Wrong?

I have had way too much time to think lately while doing my typical lettuce-ing. My current thought ponderings have been centered around this idea: “What if I’m wrong?” Let me explain. I don’t mean this in the “what if I make the wrong decision?” or the like. I mean it more about beliefs, morals,…Read more »

Wholehearted Living

For those who have known me for some time, you know my journey of self-exploration as it relates to my career has been anything but linear. From neuroscience to prosthetics. From medicine to physical therapy. Maybe I want to live abroad? Maybe I want a business? My degrees reflect this thorough (a.k.a. indecisive) nature of…Read more »

From Seed to Salad

Aloha! I hope you all are well! I haven’t been that diligent about blogging in my first month in Hawaii. Last night, another farming intern told me that I should. So here I am, trying again. Plus, I’m sure my mom will like it. My life is pretty simple nowadays. I get up and either…Read more »